Franchise Opportunities

Do you want to help New Zealanders improve their lives through holistic wellness of mind and body? Float Culture provides a unique, modern wellness experience that has a profound positive impact on customers mental and physical health. 

Our fully automated facilities mean low overheads and minimal time and staff requirements are needed to run your very own self-service wellness clinic. 

Own a profitable business that offers positive, truly life-changing benefits to customers through accessible wellness practices. 

Floatation Therapy & Wellness

Discover the ultimate wellness membership. Float Culture’s Float Club Membership is a revolutionary way of providing wellness services to customers – with a network of smart 24/7 automated facilities that provide a self-guided experience for club members.

Floatation Therapy

With a multitude of clinically studied benefits for mind and body - float tank therapy is the perfect combination of mindfulness practice and muscle relaxation, floating weightless in Epsom salts.

Infared Sauna

A modern and innovative light-based therapy used to enhance cell regeneration - and in turn treat muscular pain and inflammation in various parts of the body. A natural and safe method to detoxify cells and accelerate healing.

Cold Plunge

Releasing feel good endorphins, easing stress, and improving circulation are just some of the wellness benefits of cold water swimming. The cold plunge provides another natural way to support wellness for mind and body.

The Numbers

Various Investment options

High revenue low running costs

Net Profit of 30%

Operational Savings: $130,000

FRANCHISE FEE $5 per appointment

The wellness industry is growing

Float Culture is classified under several sectors of the wellness industry resulting in a growing customer base. We have a sizable audience and engaged social media following since our inception, which we have leveraged to create profitable organic marketing strategies for our network. We help people fulfil their potential both mentally and physically, and have clients in our three target groups – athletes (hitting our recovery speciality), CEO’s (reduction in burnout and stress) and health conscious (meditative benefits and mindfulness).

Boost your profitability, impact lives, and connect with a trusted network of experts and partners.

Why Work With Us?

01 Automated Facilities

With our smart automated wellness services, you will own a business that truly works for you, not the other way around. Generate income easily.

02 Training & Ongoing Support

Our franchisees receive extensive training and support from the very beginning of their venture. We are just as committed to your success as you are and are happy to offer you 24/7 support tools and systems.

03 Next Generation of Wellness

With our technology, systems and support, your business will not only be better than any competitors, it will be on a whole new level.

04 Brand & Marketing Power

Our in house marketing team is at your disposal: updated social media marketing resources, promotional material, and automated email campaigns will all be available to you. All of our existing strategies are proven to be cost-effective with positive ROIs.

Want to invest in the wellness industry?

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